• Drawbar pulling leadership: The hydrostatic transmission and the common rail engine deliver the best-in-class pulling capacity and controllability. All the working parameters can be customized by the driver for excellent machine controllability and faster cycle times.
  • Productivity boosting electronics: The new cab controls offer a wide choice of electronic settings and automated functions that make the driver’s job easier. Together with the lowest noise level in the market, they minimise fatigue on long working days.
  • Quick maintenance: The fully openable side panels enable you to service the M-Series from the ground, while the wide belly plates provide perfect accessibility for extraordinary maintenance.
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  • Next generation engine

The state-of-the-art common rail engine delivers top performance in load response, max torque, power and fuel economy. The combustion is optimised for maximum efficiency, occurring at high temperatures and using 100% fresh, cool air, as the air intake is separated from the exhaust.

The turbocharged engine with an Air-to-Air inter-cooler relies on well-proven multi injection technology to maximize torque back-up and fuel efficiency with reduced engine noise and vibrations.

  • Never ending power

The powerful FPT Industrial engine ensures high torque back-up under load. When the tractive effort grows and the rpm tends to drop, the engine power grows up to 16% till 1800 rpm. The result is constant performance and higher pulling capacity. In addition, the ability to work with high torque at lower engine rpm reduces engine wear

  • Ready for every task

A wide offering of implements and equipment can be installed in the new CASE Dozers such as 3 shank parallel ripper.

“Semi-U blade” with 2050M is offered for AMEA. All CASE dozers offer the patented «Equistatic» system that increases the tilting capability, while reducing the efforts on the push beams, increasing the overall frame reliability and reducing the overall wear of components.

  • Ground access for servicing.

The new single piece main frame enables you to service the main controls easily from the ground, simply opening the wide lateral shieldings. Oil levels, battery status, electric components, filters and the emergency cut-off switch are rationally grouped and clearly identified with colour coding.

With the M-Series, you can quickly get ready for your working day.


Engine Model FPT Industrial Engine F4HE96848*J101
Type 6 cylinder
Engine Displacement 6,7 L
Rated – full load 2200
Horsepower SAE J1349 173 kW (Gross) / 160 kW (Net)
Pump Flow@2200 RPM 153 L/ min
Max. pressure 248 bar
Lift cylinder Dozer



Bore diameter: 82.6 mm

Rod diameter: 50.8 mm

Stroke: 1000 mm

Tilt cylinder Dozer



Bore diameter: 114.3 mm

Rod diameter: 63.5 mm

Stroke: 126 mm