When passion meets opportunity, magic happens. Such is the case for Deruk (13) and Ulrich (10), two adventurous brothers, with a love for off-road motorcycle racing that knows no bounds. What started as a humble quest for a Play Station years ago has blossomed into a remarkable journey of adrenaline-filled motorsport and unwavering dedication. Today, these talented young athletes are shining bright with the backing of CASE Construction Equipment, which shares their passion for adventure.

The story of the boys’ off-road motorcycle journey began in 2014 when Deruk was 5 and Ulrich 3 years old. They yearned for a Play Station but opted for a small broken 2nd hand quad bike instead. Little did they know that this seemingly simple decision would ignite a fiery passion for off-road motorsport. As they hit the track with their dirt bikes in 2019, it was evident that their hearts belonged to the thrill of the ride and the joy of competition. 

“When we started riding, there was nothing else I wanted to do.”

Deruk van Aswegen

“I got my first real 50cc bike when I was 3 years old, and I’ve been hooked ever since.”

Ulrich van Aswegen

The brothers have been competing in prestigious races. In the 2023 season, Deruk achieved the 2nd position overall in his class in the Regional Cross Country race, while Ulrich finished 4th in his class.  The family has high hopes for the Cross-Country racing next year.

As the brothers set their sights on conquering new terrains, the unwavering support of their family, with their mother Surika and father Dirk at the forefront, proved to be invaluable. “It’s not something that we decided, it just happened,” Surika said. The family had to be fully committed, spending countless hours practicing, fixing, and prepping for races. “Due to the dangers of the sport, there is no half way, only 100%,” Dirk emphasized. With full-time jobs, the challenges are real, but the family’s dedication and love for the sport has remained unshaken.

Their hard work and determination soon caught the eye of CASE Construction Equipment, and a pivotal moment followed when the brothers were offered a sponsorship. Warren Alexander, Branch Manager of CASE Construction Equipment Isando, explained: “When we learned about these two young boys’ love for off-road and cross-country motorsport, we saw an opportunity to nurture their passion and encourage them to pursue their dreams.” The sponsorship aligned perfectly with the brand’s values of adventure, innovation, teamwork, and excellence.

Decked in their newly branded kit, Deruk and Ulrich embraced the sponsorship with pride. “When the boys pulled up to the gates for the first time in full CASE Construction Equipment colors, they felt like superstars,” Surika beamed. The sponsorship provided a confidence boost and increased their chances of success by raising their profile and offering greater exposure. It has not only empowered Deruk and Ulrich but also inspired their family. As Dirk said, “We cannot even describe how much we appreciate it. No parent can be prouder than we are.”

“Getting sponsored by CASE Construction was a dream come true for us. It’s really cool to have such a big company support us.”

Deruk van Aswegen

“Wearing the CASE Construction colors for the first time made us feel like superstars. We are now proper professional athletes.”

Ulrich van Aswegen

On their exhilarating journey on the off-road tracks, Deruk and Ulrich had a thrilling and unexpected encounter during one of their practice sessions at Terra Topia Mx Track, a local track that hosts Club, Regional and National Racing. The boys ran into none other than the famous Brad Binder, a renowned MotoGP rider. Surika fondly recalls the moment: “It was an unforgettable experience for them. Meeting Brad Binder in person was a dream come true for the boys, and they were absolutely starstruck.” The encounter served as a powerful source of motivation for the young talents, as they received words of encouragement and advice from the racing icon that fuelled their passion and determination to reach even greater heights in their own off-road motorsport endeavours.

Off-road motorcycle racing is a very popular sports in South Africa, with riders competing successfully in the Motocross of African Nations (African Continent) and the MX Junior World Championship, as well as races across the world. Looking towards the future, the brothers share a common dream – to become National Champions and compete with the best in the world. Their best moments include standing on the podium, racing with friends, and experiencing the thrill of flying through the air. As brothers, they motivate each other, discuss races, and share tips to improve their skills. Initiatives like these showcase CASE Construction Equipment’s commitment to making a positive impact in the community and investing in the future generation. “Sponsoring young talents in various fields not only demonstrates corporate social responsibility but also presents numerous benefits for businesses,” says Warren Alexander. Supporting young talents can lead to innovation, fresh perspectives, and a stronger workforce for the future.

Deruk and Ulrich’s story is a testament to the magic that unfolds when passion meets opportunity and when dreams are supported by dedication and love. With CASE Construction Equipment by their side, these two young athletes are well on their way to realizing their full potential and setting new milestones in the world of off-road motorsport. As they ride towards a future filled with thrilling adventures, they inspire us all to chase our dreams and conquer the unknown with unwavering passion and determination.

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