Brikor introduces two 1021F CASE Wheel Loaders as successors to their fleet

Brikor is an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of building and construction materials used across a broad spectrum of applications from low-cost housing to residential, commercial, industrial, civil engineering, and infrastructure projects. The group operates within two segments, namely: bricks and coal.


In 1998 the family-owned business acquired two brick plants to meet the growing demand within the industry. 9 years later, Brikor’s late CEO listed the company on the AltX of the JSE. The company operates within a diverse sector, where it has become increasingly necessary to introduce heavy-duty equipment to their plants. Brikor previously rented its fleet equipment, which became a costly affair in terms of maintenance and operating costs.


We had an existing rented fleet, which was outdated and needed attention and the time came for successors to take over” 

-Karen Du Toit, Procurement Manager

It was then that Brikor investigated the option to introduce CASE Construction Equipment as a permanent fleet on-site. Brikor then purchased two 1021F CASE Wheel Loaders which made financial sense for the company in terms of profitability.

This machine has power!”

-Jim Mapula, Equipment Operator

When visiting Brikor’s plant in Nigel, Johannesburg the CASE team had the opportunity to chat with Brikor’s equipment operator, Jim Mapula. From an operator’s perspective, it’s important to operate a machine with a comfortable and accessible cab, as Jim explained to us.

“When we looked at features like bucket size, power, and the speed of the machine it fit the application perfectly”

-Karen Du Toit, Brikor Procurement Manager

CASE Construction Equipment’s manufacturing as well as the design focus is placed on the durability and efficiency of the machine, allowing operators to utilise machines within a variety of applications with faster cycles. Ultimately, a CASE machine increases output due to decreased downtime between cycles.

Much like any business, Brikor’s relationship with each of their suppliers is an important component contributing to the smooth running of their own business. Each supplier is fundamental to the supply chain. Karen Du Toit shares that no sector can be a success without the success of the one that feeds it. After chatting with Karen, it is evident what is needed for a business within this type of industry to survive – partnering with suppliers that make business operations seamless.


Visiting our clients is an opportunity to see what our clients are up to and how, in this case, the 1021F Wheel Loaders have elevated Brikor’s productivity at their brick plants. We look forward to the road ahead with Brikor as they continue to dominate and evolve within the sector in which they operate.